Seeking new promotion methods?

Seeking new promotion methods?

Supercharge your product promotion with behavioral science!

Our goal

is to effectively optimize the conversion rate in your business using behavioral science. Thanks to our cooperation, your target group will finally notice and remember your business!

Emotional marketing


Consumer Psychology

Behavioral economics

How to make your brand more visible?

In the 1970s, the average person saw between 500 and 1,600 ads a day. It is estimated that modern Sapiens see from 4,000 to 10,000 advertising messages per day.

Can you feel the scale of how many organisations are fighting to get our attention?

Facebook ads itself reach 2.11 billion people, while whole Meta and YouTube earn billions of dollars a year for displaying their users’ ads. Ads are among us every day, even if we are not fully aware of it.

Exploring the topic of how advertising works can not only help you become a more conscious consumer, but also sell your product more and better!


Using Eye-Tracking Analysis tools, you can design or scan your website or ads, and thanks to this you will find out what elements of the website attract your user's attention the most and what they focus on.

Behavioural Economics

Did you know that there are more than 50 psychological effects to determine the right price for the product and sales strategy?

Because human decisions are extremely irrational and difficult to predict, specialists in behavioral economics are constantly trying to study the functioning of the brain in terms of making purchasing decisions.

Purchasing decisions are made by humans very quickly (more than 95% of them are automatic), and according to a dedicated test, machines are not able to predict them. However, because purchasing decisions are influenced by many factors, such as experience or emotional state, there are developed ways that allow us to manipulate the brain and thus influence the consumer’s decision.

Based on Behavioural Economics we will help you to promote and sell your product for a very good price!

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Our Offer & Cooperation Plan

When performing audits and creating marketing strategies  we rely on heuristics from behavioral fields, mainly from behavioral economics, neuromarketing and marketing psychology. We combine this knowledge with current trends in various fields of digital marketing, such as content marketing, social media marketing, paid campaigns, SEO or website design and landing page.

Thanks to this, you can reach the right audience not only by using digital marketing tools and new technologies, but above all by effectively reaching people’s hearts and minds.

We believe that the combination of all these aspects is the way to success in increasing the conversion rate

  in achieving your goal, which may be a purchase, downloading a brochure or arranging a consultation with you clients.


Meta Paid Campaigns

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Designing Choice

Content Creation

Conversion Optimization

SEO optimisation

Eye Scan Tracking and Analysing


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What could our cooperation look like?

1. Book a call!

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2. Time to meet.

During this call we would like to know the online stage and goals of your company.


In addition, we would like to give you some valuable tips for the good start.

3. We start our work.

Once we know what your goals are and we have discussed the plan and terms of cooperation →


we start working to provide you with audits, analyses, research, and a strategy.


5. Presenting you a dedicated strategy for your company. ♡

Time to meet again → this is the time when we present you fully dedicated strategy based on your goals, company, market and competition.


P.S. We also provide an electronic summary & necessary reports.

6. You decide what’s next.

It is up to you whether you want our help.


For our side, we offer various further cooperation paths:


→ implementation all or some of the presented online strategy actions
→ then analysis, A/B tests, optimisation, market monitoring
→ cyclical consultations in the field of digital marketing + behavioural sciences.


Medialei – Digital Marketing & Behavioural Economic

Is it suitable for your business?

Behavioural economics in marketing is definitely for you, if…

  • you are looking for new solutions to promote your business
  • you want to improve your standard digital marketing activities
  • you want to increase your conversion rate
  • you are looking for additional support for your marketing department
  • you are just starting your business and are looking for support from the beginning and from scratch
  • you are looking for something proven and obvious, which many marketers do not explore and implement in their activities.

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