Emotional marketing

Emotional marketing

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Emotion marketing focuses on evoking the right emotions in consumers so as to influence their purchasing decisions as effectively as possible.

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Studies say that as much as 95% of purchasing decisions are made under the influence of emotions.

Some emotions are especially effective in advertising and marketing.

Specialists aim to evoke emotions related to excitement and giving special value to the product they promote. This is related to the willingness of the consumer to test the product or service, which of course is followed by a purchase. Often, playing on emotions is also associated with inducing a sense of guilt in consumers or various types of fear, such as the fear of making a mistake (cosmetics), losing (insurance) or even selling out a product.


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How to use emotion marketing when running your own business?

By understanding what emotions a given product or service evokes, companies can adapt their communication to the needs and desires of consumers and increase the effectiveness of their marketing activities.

Emotion marketing is also based on the theory of behavioral economics, which studies the outputs and outcomes of consumer behavior and, above all, asks the question: why do people make certain decisions and choices and avoid others? You can read more about behavioral economics here.



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