Consumer Psychology

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Seeking new promotion methods? Customer psychology could be a good choice for your business!

Consumer psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with the factors involved in the study and origin of purchasing decisions.

In addition, there is conducts an analysis related to how advertising and marketing strategies affect consumer choices.

Buying motivation factors may be based on:

  • physiology,
  • society,
  • emotions,
  • selfishness.

Advertising and marketing play an important role in consumer psychology.

Advertising agencies use various techniques to attract the attention of consumers and influence their behavior.

Do you know that…

Consumer psychology allows you to skilfully use emotions in advertisements, create positive associations with the brand, use persuasion and use the principles of social proof.


Understanding the principles of consumer psychology is essential for businesses that want to get to know their customers better, understand their actions and choices, and then adapt their strategies to their needs and preferences.

How to use consumer psychology when running your own business?

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Analyze and find out what purchasing motivation your target group is guided by. Do your potential customers make decisions based on a given brand’s reputation, quality, price or other users’ opinions?

Consumer psychology and neuromarketing are intertwined and work together to better understand consumer behavior and preferences. Both of these areas are connected by learning about the actions and decisions of consumers – more.

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