medialei-ads -psychology -behavioral economic- marketing- neuromarketing- consumer-psychologyIt is worth getting to know each other…

before cooperation. 




Hi, this is Magdalena! 


I am a Digital Marketer, and mainly I specialize and develop in CRO (conversion rate optimization). This is a very complex field of marketing, but it allows me to combine what I like the most – creativity, optimization, observation and analytics. What distinguishes my activity is the combination of behavioral practices such as marketing psychology, behavioral economics or neuromarketing with standard digital marketing techniques.


Consumers psychology used for increasing conversion rate.

I think that if you want to know more or less who you are dealing with (and in the meantime you won’t get bored), it’s best to introduce myself in 5 points.

1. I started my career as a press journalist, which is why I love the written word.

2. I have lived in 5 European countries in total. Nice memories and learning, but I’m already done with it.

3. Nothing gives me such endorphins as a morning run – preferably along empty fields and with loud music in headphones.

4. I love creating small moments and celebrating them. Preferably with a book, coffee and string lights.

Find out more on Instagram: @media_lei.

5. I love learning and becoming a better digital marketer. Below you will find some of my certificates.



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