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Medialei was created out of passion for the media.

The love for old media – newspaper, radio, television – turned into love for the main medium of modern communication – the Internet. We have been involved in content creation for 10 years.

We love to develop.

It is important for us to expand our knowledge in the field of marketing, and increasing the visibility of our clients’ businesses on the Internet gives us great satisfaction.

We love watching your business grow!

During our cooperation with our clients, we try to provide them with special care and understanding. We believe that it is worth to build good relationships – happy customer is a happy marketer.


The founder of Medialei is Magdalena.

Passionate about online business development and former employee of Meta business support in the area of paid ads & Certified with the Blue Print certificate.

She also participated in the development of a Swiss startup, an Italian e-commerce, worked in an SEO agency and studied business sciences in Spain and Poland. In Ireland, she worked for international corporations such as Accenture, Meta, Wix. A would-be journalist with experience in the press.

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