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Neuromarketing uses neuroscience technology to conduct brain research to understand what factors influence consumer decisions.

Neuromarketing methods focus on brain research in the area of:

  • electroencephalography (EEG),
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
  • neurochemical research.

These methods of scientific research allow you to track brain activity related to emotions, perception and decision making.

Do you know that…

EEG and MRI studies allow for precise tracking of the brain’s response to advertisements.

One of the most important applications of neuromarketing is research focused on the analysis of consumer reactions, e.g. to advertisements, which allows brands and distributors to adapt their campaigns and activities to the needs, desires and behavior of consumers.


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How to use neuromarketing when running your own business?

Thanks to neuromarketing, companies can understand exactly what elements of advertisements or websites or landing pages are most effective in encouraging consumers to buy products or services.

It is worth knowing that neuromarketing is directly related to emotion marketing, more. It involves understanding the emotions evoked in consumers subjected to marketing activities. Both of these fields of study aim to better understand how emotions influence purchasing decisions, then apply this information to engage consumers.



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