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55% of clients learn about new brands on social media.
Medialei - Digital Marketing & Psychology in Marketing

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We want to help you develop your brand on the Internet.

We are certified specialists in paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Medialei - Digital Marketing & Psychology in Marketing

No matter what your business does, you can acquire more clients and increase sales through ads campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

How many people do you know who don't have an account on at least one social media platform?

Exactly! There are very few such people nowadays. This means that your potential clients are on social media.

The challenge is (which we will gladly undertake!) to reach the right people with your company's offer and present your product in a unique way!

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We know how difficult and time-consuming running a business can be.

 By working with us, you can focus on developing other areas of your business.

During this time, we will ensure that your brand becomes visible in social media and the Internet.

 This mean increasing purchases in your store or acquiring new customers for your offer.





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preparation of marketing strategy.

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We operate comprehensively and focus on good communication.

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About Medialei

We love watching your business grow!

During our cooperation with our clients, we try to provide them with special care and understanding. We believe that it is worth to build good relationships – happy customer is a happy marketer.

The founder of Medialei is Magdalena.

Passionate about online business development and former employee of Meta business support in the area of paid ads & Certified with the Blue Print certificate.

Medialei - Digital Marketing & Psychology in Marketing

They Trusted Us

Medialei social media campaign and psychology in marketing

Sell more

Nowadays, the competition on the market in every industry is really high. On the other hand, the Internet offers an endless sea of possibilities.

Therefore, you should act wisely to properly present your offer and brand to potential clients and sell more!

Ads boosted by psychology

We know how to make an ads stand out from thousands of advertisements on the Internet - so that a potential customer does not ignore the advertising message, as he or she does (intuitively) with 90% of advertisements on the Internet.

Medialei social media campaign and psychology in marketing

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Medialei social media campaign and psychology in marketing
Medialei social media campaign and psychology in marketing
Medialei social media campaign and psychology in marketing

Benefits For Your Business

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The possibility of a free week of cooperation without having to pay for the service gives you a chance to check whether advertising your business on Facebook and Instagram is beneficial for your business.

No matter what level of advertising in Meta your business is - you benefit!

→ 1. Introducing the Meta ecosystem for advertising or developing and increasing the visibility of your brand while meeting your advertising goals.

→ 2. Advertisements will reach your potential customers not only because we will set and optimise them appropriately for you.

→ 3. Also because they will be created in accordance with the principles of behavioural and psychological sciences in relation to the consumer (behavioural economics, consumer psychology, price psychology, neuromarketing).

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very individual issue and depends on several factors, including: depending on what goal you want to achieve, whether you have previously conducted activities in Meta Ads Manager, whether you want to provide us with your own graphics for ads (advertising creations), etc. After you contact us (consultation, form, e-mail) and we talk, we will be able to make an individual quote taking into account all issues.

Running a campaign on Meta can increase the reach of your company, but also customer interest and generate potential leads. Thanks to Meta advertising tools, you can direct messages to a precisely defined group of recipients.

Yes, we provide analytical tools thanks to which you will be able to track the effects of the campaign in real time.

Sure! We provide campaign optimisation services, monitoring their effectiveness and adapting the strategy to achieve better results.

The time to launch a campaign may vary depending on the complexity of the strategy and the provision of necessary materials. We usually try to start the campaign as soon as possible.

We would prefer you to submit your suggestions directly to us - we will be in constant contact during our cooperation. We constantly monitor ads and optimize when necessary, and too frequent interference with campaigns or incorrect changes may change the algorithms, which may result in worse campaign results.

Have we answered all of your questions?

If not, ask a question by e-mail:


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