Meta campaigns

Meta campaigns

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55% of clients learn about new brands on social media.

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Lead generation

Conversion campaigns

Marketing funnels

Awareness campaigns

Pixel installation

Optimisation and reports

Why my offer?

I am a Digital Marketer with about 5 years of experience and I would be happy to take care of your paid campaigns on Meta.

  • 2 years of experience working for Meta in paid campaigns.
  • Consulting and creating marketing and optimisation strategies for hundreds of Meta advertisers.
  • Direct Meta certificate (Blue Print) confirming Media Buying skills.
  • Experience in other areas of marketing, which allows me to create advanced strategies and marketing funnels.
  • Great interest in behavioral economics and marketing psychology, which allows me to create content that reaches the audience.

Here you will find more information about me and my experience.

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Ads creations

During cooperation, I provide ads creations and copies. As the satisfaction of the companies I cooperate with is important to me, advertising materials will be changed and adapted to your needs until you are satisfied. Below you will find three advertising creations I created.

Medialei social media paid campaign
Medialei social media paid campaign
Medialei social media paid campaign
Medialei social media campaign

For whom?

My services in the field of running and optimizing paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram are intended for companies that have never run paid campaigns in social media and those that have already run such activities.

I usually work with small and medium-sized enterprises, but I am also open to cooperation with large brands.


  • Your offer and products will reach completely new audiences.
  • If you are a business owner, you gain more time / if you are a marketing department manager, you get additional help.
  • Your paid ads are constantly looked after and checked.
  • Your creations are created according to behavioral science, which focuses on the study of the impact of marketing activities on the brain and human perception.
  • You receive support in creating your company's visual identity.
  • Delivery of strategies, reports, advertising creations and copy.
Medialei Meta paid ads

Need help?

Book a call at a time to suit your schedule. 

During the conversation, I will answer your questions and together we will analyze your situation and needs in terms of paid campaigns in Meta.

A gift from Medialei :) Free audit!

Quick check of your business in the area of:

→ Content Marketing
→ Meta Paid Campaigns
→ Behavioral Economics
→ Conversion Page Optimization.

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